Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stimulus Package Could Boost Local PennDOT Projects

1.5 billion dollars is set to flow into Pennsylvania pending the president's signature and infrastructure projects are lining up to receive it. PennDOT has more than 900 miles of roads and 428 bridges ready for construction awaiting funds from the economic stimulus package. Officials say the money will likely go first to "shovel-ready" improvements. PennDOT District 11 spokesman Jim Struzzi says several projects in Allegheny County fit that criterion and could get a boost including:
-The second phase of Liberty Tunnels repairs
-Preparation for Route 28 widening
-Redesign of the Route 60 interchange at Robinson Town Centre
-Rehabilitation of the Fort Duquesne Bridge

Pennsylvania, the sixth largest state in population, will receive the sixth highest amount of money from the package. There has been no word yet on exactly how Pennsylvania funds will be funneled into local projects.

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