Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pin Numbers are Coming to your Library Card

Library users in Allegheny County now have to assign a pin number to their cards. The new system was launched Wednesday. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Spokesperson Suzanne Thinnes says the next time you use your card you will have to create a pin number and associate the card with an email account. Thinnes says this is just the first step in a much bigger system upgrade. She says once the pin number process is up and running for a while the library will allow card holders to keep track of what books they have read and create a wish list of books they might look for in the future. Thinnes says card users will also be able to get suggestions of books they might like based on the checkout history of others who have may have similar interests. Those tracking features will be rolled out later this year. Thinnes stresses that all of the information will remain confidential and library staff will not even have access to those records.

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