Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smokeless Tobacco Users Asked to Stop for 24-Hours

Today is the great American Spit Out where users of smokeless tobacco are encouraged to go without for 24 hours. The ultimate goal is to get people to eventually stop altogether. The annual event is sponsored by the Oregon Research Institute, which is right now looking at ways to help youthful users of chewing tobacco kick the habit. Institute senior scientists Brian Danaher says their focus right now is getting kids help online. He says they have had success with the online program among adult users but their youthful approach is still being explored. The web site helps people deal with the mental addiction associated with chewing tobacco as well as the physical addiction. Danaher says many people think chewing tobacco is a safe alternative to smoking but he points out that users of smokeless products are 50% more likely to get oral cancer, which he says is a very dangerous and deforming type of cancer.

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