Monday, May 18, 2009

Daily River Water Advisories

The Allegheny County Health Department is restarting it's daily river water advisories, going from now until September 30 to align with the recreational boating season. ACHD Spokesperson Guillermo Cole says the alerts are to provide a warning for those on the water for when sewer overflows contaminate rivers, and to avoid river water contact as much as possible, particularly for those with weakened immune systems. He says this happens after a significant amount of rainfall. The amount of rainfall has a direct correlation on how many alert days there are. For instance, Cole says there were 13 alerts issued last summer, but were relatively short in length, totalling to 47 days during the entire boating season. However, in 2004, there were only six alerts issued, but lasted 125 days during the season.

Advisory updates are available at ACHD's River Water advisory hot line at (412) 687-ACHD or at

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