Friday, May 22, 2009

State Rep Wants Prison System Reviewed

A review of the state's criminal justice system is the aim of a new bill introduced by State Representative Kenyatta Johnson (D) of Philadelphia. Johnson says his bill would require the state to scrutinize the prison system and form recommendations from their findings. "We want to also look at reentry as it relates to inmates coming back into society and what types of programs are available to them. We want to also look at the issues of mental health and drug abuse within the prison system," says Johnson. The representative says he'd like to study what makes people likely to be jailed multiple times as well. Johnson says the measure might help with the state's budget problems. "We also want to look at the costing aspect of incarcerating prisoners throughout the state of Pennsylvania. I think if we reform our system we probably would save more money at this particular time in our society as well," says Johnson.

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