Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Study Shows Varied Results in Education Disparity

A recent study done in each state by the Schott Foundation shows that racially and socioeconomically disadvantaged students have smaller opportunity to a solid education than their counterparts. Disadvantaged students include those of African-American, Hispanic and Native American descent, and also those in low-income families. Schott Foundation CEO Dr. John Jackson says that Pennsylvania provides a "moderate-proficiency education" for most students but there is not always access to these schools in providing education to disadvantaged students. He says 35 percent of Pennsylvania students are academically proficient in top public schools, but only 36 percent of historically disadvantaged students have access to those schools. All states were placed in one of three categories: low-proficiency low access education, low-proficiency high access education or moderate-proficiency low access education. Jackson says there have been strides since the turnover of Brown vs. Board 55 years ago, but there is still some students that have better opportunities than others, still making the system unfair and unequal. For the full report, click here.

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