Monday, May 25, 2009

More Roadside Assistance Anticipated

Triple-A expects to see an increase in motorists needing roadside assistance during the coming summer travel season. Cindy Brough, a spokeswoman with the automobile club, says several factors are expected to contribute to the rise..."Lower gas prices are putting more vehicles on the highway, and consumes are holding onto their cars longer, therefore they have higher maintenance costs and needs, and some folks because of the economy are actually cutting major repairs out of their household budgets."
Brough says they anticipate roadside assistance calls to rise by 1 and a half percent this summer compared to last year at the same time. In order to avoid becoming part of those statistics, she recommends motorists take their vehicles in for routine maintenance. She says a mistake people commonly make is to weigh down their vehicles with too many belongings when going on vacation.

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