Friday, October 23, 2009

9th Annual Forensic Science and Law Conference

The Wecht Institute at Duquesne University is hosting a conference today and tomorrow on the challenge of obtaining evidence in today's digital age. University of Central Florida Professor Mark Pollitt says the ability of law enforcement to collect electronic evidence varies tremendously, so there are jurisdictions where cases are not being made.

Saturday afternoon, internet safety advocates Alicia and Mary Kozakiewicz will speak. Mary says her then-13-year-old daughter Alicia disappeared New Year's Day 2002 between dinner and dessert. Unknown to her family, she went outside to meet someone she considered an online friend, who turned out to be a 38-year-old computer programmer. Using "digital footprints", the FBI found her in Virginia four days later.

Parents need to explain online dangers to their children but not assume they've gotten the message and also use protective software, according to Kozakiewicz.

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