Friday, October 16, 2009

Cyberbullying Program Released

Schools in Pennsylvania now have access to a new program aimed at combating “cyberbullying.” PA Attorney General Tom Corbett says bullying has been around forever but bullies are now using texting and other new technologies to take their antisocial behavior into the next century. The Attorney General’s office has produced the program “Sticks and Stones: Cyberbullying,” which includes a DVD and support from staff members. Corbett says bullies are sending text messages or posting images that hurt or embarrass their peers on social media websites. “Everyday, students across Pennsylvania are afraid to go to school,” Corbett says. “Not because of a big test or the homework they didn’t do, but because of time spent on their computers being tormented by peers using hateful words to bully.” The new cyberbullying program also addresses the growing trend of sexting, or sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically. The program also includes a section for parents. Corbett says many parents have no idea what is happening in the way of cyberbullying.

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