Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Autism Through the Lifespan #6: Early Adulthood

Early adulthood is full of newfound independence but for those with autism many of the rights of passage may be nearly impossible to navigate. For people dealing with socialization issues, college, a first apartment, and starting a family all present major hurdles. With a wave of teens with autism spectrum disorders about to crash into adulthood, society needs to be ready. Nina Wall Cote runs the Bureau of Autism Services. She says, “The community tends to be very patient when children are tiny and they’re struggling, but when they’re older and look threatening, people are quick to make that call.” She says often the call is to police, not a mental health provider. Right now, funding for autism services is vastly focused on children and many feel that has to change. Listen to the sixth installment of DUQ’s nine-part series on autism. Additional installments will follow on 90.5FM WDUQ every day this week during Morning Edition at 6:40am and 8:50am, and on All Things Considered at 4:20pm and 6:20pm. All of the stories will be archived after they air at this link.

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