Thursday, May 20, 2010

Corbett: Can Appeal to Tea Party & Moderate Voters

State Representative Sam Rohrer of Berks County isn’t sure whether he’ll endorse Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Corbett but Corbett says he’s not worried about securing the support of Rohrer’s conservative backers.
Rohrer’s base of supporters ended up being comparatively small – he garnered 31 percent of the Republican primary vote.
But the conservatives, many of them Tea Party and 9-12 Project members, are devoted, and Rohrer say it may take some convincing to get them to vote for Corbett.
Speaking at an Allegheny County polling site on Tuesday, Rohrer said Corbett and the State Republican Party have some fence mending to do.

"They really have alienated a huge number of the people of the state, beginning with the endorsement process, and going all the way through. And I think it’s much more difficult for him to bring together the party."

Corbett insists he reached out to conservative activists and grassroots groups throughout the primary campaign.

"So we’ve already begun that process. So I would disagree with Mr. Rohrer. I think many of his supporters and many of the independents out there will be coming on board with us."

Corbett also says he’s confident he can appeal to the Tea Party voters, while still wooing the state’s moderate independent and Democratic voters.

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