Friday, May 21, 2010

Senate Campaign: Bailouts Versus Failed Policies

Joe Sestak and Pat Toomey say they’ll present voters with two very different choices for Pennsylvania's next U.S. Senator over the coming months.
Sestak and Toomey insist they like and respect each other, and they’ll run a clean campaign, without personal attacks.
But that doesn’t mean they won’t hammer each other on the issues.
Speaking in Pittsburgh, Toomey said Pennsylvanians will have “as clear a choice as possible” when they vote for a new senator in November.

"If you look at the agenda that they’re pursuing in Washington – serial bailouts of failing companies, nationalizing whole industries, spending on an unprecedented scale. Deficits and debt that was can’t afford, cap and trade, card check, government-run health care. Joe Sestak is 100-percent in favor of all of that. I’m opposed to all of that."

Sestak says a vote for Toomey means reverting back to the “failed policies” of the Bush Administration that sent the country toward a recession. "I really do like Pat Toomey. I think he’s got principle. But I passionately disagree with his ideas. And I think you’re going to see that that’s what the debate is going to be about. It is going to be, what are the best ideas to move our nation forward? I believe Pat Toomey’s ideas will actually be moving us back to where we’ve come from."

Toomey and Sestak held two debates during the primary. Sestak says he expects the two nominees will hold several joint appearances between now and Election Day.

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