Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Still No Running Mate for Onorato

The Democratic lieutenant governor’s race may be headed to a recount. On the day before counties were scheduled to submit election results to the Department of State, State Representative Scott Conklin led former Philadelphia Controller Jonathan Saidel by 4,202 votes.
That’s point-46 percent of all the votes cast in the race, which is within the half of a percent threshold for an automatic recount.
Conklin spokesman Tor Michaels says the process would be waived, if Saidel concedes.

"That clearly is up to our honorable opponent, whether or not there will be a recount. I can say on behalf of Representative Conklin, that if there is a recount, it will just reconfirm what we already know."

But Saidel's spokesman, Marty Marks, says it’s too early to make that decision.

"The process right now hasn’t even been completed with the first vote, let alone a recount vote. So we’re waiting to see how the first count ends up. It hasn’t been certified yet. It hasn’t gone through that process. We understand there might be some absentee votes that need to be counted."

The process would begin on Thursday, and would need to be complete by June 8th.
A spokesman for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Dan Onorato says either Saidel or Conklin would be a “strong” lieutenant governor candidate, and that Saidel is free to make his own decision on whether or not to keep fighting.

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