Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Corbett Wins

Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett’s quickly began looking at the future last night after accepting victory in the Republican Gubernatorial primary.
Corbett says it was all about “hope and change” two years ago, but as he spoke to the voters this year it was all about “enough.” Enough Washington, enough Harrisburg, enough taxing and spending and enough Ed Rendell. He says the victory was not the end of a campaign but the beginning of an effort to change in the way Harrisburg operates. He says, “We need to force Harrisburg to go back to the drawing board and to enact meaningful reform and not increase the burden on you the taxpayers of Pennsylvania. We need real change and that only comes from real leadership and real action. And that is the kind of governor I am going to be.” Corbett says as governor he will live up to his no new taxes pledge and will fight to end waste, fraud and abuse while creating jobs and helping the state live up to its energy potential. “ Time and again America has turned to Pennsylvania for innovation and entrepreneurship, and now we have the opportunity to be a leader once again through our energy supply, not only to the nation but to the entire world,” says Corbett. Corbett also thanked Sam Rohrer for a “spirited campaign.” He says now is the time to “unify and make Pennsylvania great once again.”

Listen to Tom Corbett's full election night speech.

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