Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Critz Wins Special Election

The former district director for long-time Congressman John Murtha of Johnstown will succeed his former boss. Democrat Mark Critz of Johnstown defeated Republican Tim Burns of Eighty-Four, Washington County and Libertarian Demo Agoris of Houston, Washington County in the special election in the 12th Congressional District. Critz received 53% of the vote, Burns 45% and Agoris 2%. Critz will serve out the last 7 months of the term of John Murtha who died in February.
Critz said he was humbled and honored by the victory....."But most of all, I am proud to stand before you as the next Representative of Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District! The voters of this district won a great victory tonight. But it’s a bittersweet. Because we wouldn’t be here right now if Jack Murtha hadn’t left us too soon.
Throughout this campaign, I’ve thought about the many lessons Congressman Murtha taught me when I served as his director of economic development. He often said to me, “it’s about the work.” It is. And I’m going to work tirelessly every day in Congress for the families of Western Pennsylvania."

However, Critz is not done with Burns. There will be a rematch in the November General Election because Critz won the Democratic Primary and Burns the Republican Primary to seek a full 2-year term.

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