Monday, May 17, 2010

Specter, Sestak Criss-Cross PA on Final Day to Campaign

With the Democratic Senate race in a virtual dead heat up on the eve of Pennsylvania’s primary, the national media is focusing on the race, and waiting to see whether Arlen Specter’s party switching gamble will pay off.
The final Quinnipiac poll today has Joe Sestak leading Specter 42 to41 percent with 16 percent undecided. The final Muhlenberg College tracking poll over the weekend shows Arlen Specter and Joe Sestak tied at 44 percent each.
Specter has the backing of the Democratic establishment, and three decades worth of accomplishments to tout, but Sestak is doing all he can to out-hustle the incumbent.

"Am I working my toes off from now until then? Absolutely. Because until that ball is in the end zone, you just keep on working. But look – I understand and I respect the establishment. I just disagree."

Sestak made his remarks in Philadelphia’s Love Park, where he greeted voters on Friday afternoon.
A few blocks away, Specter held a press conference in a high-rise office tower with Governor Rendell, Mayor Michael Nutter and members of the city’s black clergy.
He says he’s seen his political obituary written before, and he’s confident going into Tuesday.

"I counted them up: I’ve been in 14 contested election. Six have been within three points. I’m still in the lead in key polls, but the poll that counts is next Tuesday."

Specter says he may have switched from Republican to Democrat last year, but he’s always been consistent when it comes to bringing back federal dollars and resources for Pennsylvania.

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