Friday, July 16, 2010

Bird Babies Born at National Aviary

Lots of babies have been born at the National Aviary this summer. Baby birds that is.

Ten species have produced chicks including the cape thicknee, the golden-breasted starling, white crested laughing thrush, blue-bellied roller, crested wood partridge, shaft-tail finch, scarlet -headed blackbird, crested oropendula, boat-billed heron and fire-tufted barbet.

Other birds are nesting. The aviary credits the baby boom to specialized diets and habitats and exhibit conditions.

Steve Sarro, Director of Animal Programs, says not all of the birds will stay at the Aviary. They have a partenership with other zoos and will send birds to those establishments.

The National Aviary has more than 600 birds representing nearly 200 species.

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