Thursday, July 15, 2010

PA's Jobless Rate Holds Steady

Pennsylvania's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for June was 9.2%, unchanged from May compared to the national rate of 9.5% last month.
The labor force, the total number of employed and those looking for work, declined by 27,000 in June. Troy Thompson, spokesman for the State Department of Labor and Industry, says the number of jobless Pennsylvanians declined by 1,000 in June, the first drop in that category in 2 and a half years. However, that decline is likely due to the decrease in the labor force with some people giving up looking for work at this time.
Thompson said in June the number of non-farm jobs dropped by 6,300 but countered that Pennsylvania has added a net 64,200 jobs in 2010. That compares to a loss of 143,300 jobs for the first half of 2009.
Thompson said the professional and business services sector added 5,400 jobs in June..."That's where you see your temporary employment agencies. That is definitely a good sign. It shows employers are testing the waters. We usually see that sector show an increase during a recovery as employers move towards being able to hire full-time workers. First they make those temporary hires."

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