Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Markosek: Red Light Camera Bill Aims to Make Green

House Transportation Committee Chairman Joe Markosek wants to scale back a Senate-passed bill allowing red light cameras in 53 Pennsylvania cities.
The measure would permit officials to install an unlimited number of automatic cameras at intersections.
Markosek, a Democrat from Monroeville, Allegheny County says he’s worried the cameras would be viewed as fundraising opportunities, rather than tools to increase safety.

"Many of these intersections, I think, it’s going to be tantamount to the old speed trap. Where they have areas that aren’t particularly unsafe. Yet they know they can get a lot of people going over the speed limit, and nail them to make money."

The Allegheny County Democrat says one solution could be mandated studies documenting intersection’s crash rates, so that city officials would only install the cameras in areas where they’re needed. The cameras take pictures when the light changes to red, and automatically issue tickets to cars inside the intersection.
Under the Senate plan, municipalities would split revenue with the Department of Transportation. The cameras would be allowed in Pittsburgh and cities with populations below 250-thousand.
Philadelphia has had red light cameras for several years.

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