Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Council Holds CPRB Names for a Week

Today, Pittsburgh Council voted to again hold consideration of the appointment of seven nominations for the Citizens Police Review Board until next Tuesday.

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl nominated five new members to the board last month and re-appointed two current ones, Richard Carrington and Deborah Walker.

Council will look at the nominations of Eugene Downing, Jr., Donna Kramer, Leshonda Roberts, Diana O’Brien Martini, and Deborah Whitfield on July 27th. Tomorrow, the body expects to take up legislation by Councilman Doug Shields that would amend the CPRB appointment process.

Shields’ proposal would clarify language in the city code to specify how the city should appoint successors to members whose terms expire. Shields says his legislation will only clear up the code’s language, and not challenge Ravenstahl’s nominations.

Community activist David Tessitor spoke in Council’s public comment segment. Tessitor suggests CPRB members involved in an important investigation be allowed to continue those inquiries even after their terms expire.

“They shall continue to hold their seats solely for the purpose of participating as a CPRB member in that major investigation, provided they continue to meet the qualifications of membership, and provided their continued participation is limited to the investigation,” says Tessitor.

Kenneth Miller of Point Breeze says Council should wait to act on any CPRB legislation until the administration releases the Office of Municipal Investigation report on the Jordan Miles incident early this year.

Miles, a student of Pittsburgh CAPA at the time, was beaten by three plain clothes officers in January.

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