Friday, July 16, 2010

Survey Looks for Gaps in Bike/Pedestrian Access

Allegheny Active is turning to commuters, walkers, bicyclists and those with disabilities to learn where intersections, sidewalks and paths need to be improved so people can reach their destinations with ease. The survey will help identify areas that are dangerous, where bike lanes are needed and trails need to be extended to help people get where they are going without having to drive. Lynn Heckman, Assistant Director of the County Transportation Initiative says lots of spots come to mind when it comes to gaps in access. "For instance, on the West Busway in Carnegie there's a wonderful trail which can also be used as a commuter bike way to get to Carnegie, but it ends in Collier Township in Walker's Mill. A three mile extension to that trail would help people in McDonald, Rennerdale–all those types of places–get to the bus station with their bikes."

The results of the survey will be prioritized and will become a part of the transportation section of the county's comprehensive plan. Heckman says implementation can be done by the state, county, city or local municipalities and the prioritized list will show what areas are most critical. The survey can be found through their website, It will be posted until July 23.

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