Friday, September 24, 2010

Gloria Steinem Visits Pittsburgh

The YWCA brought feminist activist and author Gloria Steinem to Pittsburgh on Friday.

Steinem has spent the last fifty years fighting for the civil rights of women. In that time there has been much progress. On Friday, speaking to a reporters before delivering a speech to hundreds she said her work is not done.

"The individual difference is bigger than the group difference by far. Race is a fiction. Gender is a fiction. We made it up. We can unmake it," she said. She spoke about the previous presidential election and pointed out that while Barack Obama is a black man, he is a feminist and while Hilary Rodham Clinton is a white woman she is a strong supporter of civil rights.

She also spoke about the historical and cultural reasons womens' equality issues are still unresolved. Several hundred people, mostly women, attended her talk.

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