Friday, September 10, 2010

GOP Calls Rendell's "Whacko" Comment "Insulting"

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is sticking with his statement about “whackos” taking over the Republican Party. The Democrat made the comment earlier this week, when he introduced Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine at a Philadelphia event.
Asked to clarify the comment, Rendell took it to another level.

"There are clearly elements of the Republican Party that are totally whacked-out. People who want to get rid of the 14th Amendment, who think the President’s a Muslim, who think the President wasn’t born in the United States. Who think that someone can live – isn’t taking a job because they’re receiving 370 dollars a week in unemployment compensation."

Rendell says he doesn’t group statewide Republican candidates Tom Corbett or Pat Toomey into the category, even though he disagrees with both of them on many issues.
The outgoing governor says he has “high respect” for both men.
Pennsylvania Republican Party spokesman Mike Barley says the comments are “an insulting remark to make about people concerned with Rendell’s wasteful spending.”

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