Thursday, September 30, 2010

RAD Budget Proposed

The Allegheny Regional Asset District, or RAD, which gives unrestricted grants to institutions such as libraries, county parks, museums, sports facilities released their 2011 preliminary budget on Thursday.

The budget is a recommendation of the Allocations Committee and is subject to a public hearing before the final budget is approved later this year. The hearing will be held on Tuesday October 26th.

The proposed budget is $80.2 million with grants to 89 organizations. It is $730,000 higher than last years. The RAD budget comes from one half of the proceeds of the Allegheny County Sales and Use Tax. The tax base was higher this year, said Rad Board Chairman Robert James and they also dipped into the reserve.

Libraries will get 33 percent of the budget. Barbara Mistick, President and Director of The Carnegie Library System said the libraries are facing a deficit of 1.7 million dollars so this increase will not make up their budget. They are seeking other ways to make up the deficit as well as find a sustainable funding solution.

Parks get 31 percent of the budget, sports facilities get 18 percent, places like The Zoo, Phipps and Aviary get eight percent and arts and cultural organizations get nine percent.

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