Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Political Group Opens PA Offices

A group using the name “American Majority Action” has opened two offices in Pennsylvania including one in Allegheny County. The group says it, “symbolizes the American people moving past protesting and into action.” A writer on the group’s blog says, politics is not a spectator sport and “My challenge to you is: get off the bench, get in the game and let’s go win.” The group is know to usually support fiscally conservative candidates and it plans to launch get out the vote efforts in November. Allegheny County Republican Party Chair Jim Roddey says he thinks any effort to get more voters to the polls is a good thing and he thinks it will help his party’s chances in the general election. The second American Majority Action office in Pennsylvania will be opened in the Philadelphia suburbs. Roddey says he is not sure how it will impact the party going forward, especially if the group starts to run its own candidates. Roddey says he thinks there are a lot of voters that are upset with both major parties and this type of effort may get them back into the voting booth. He says the nation is ripe for a “third or even fourth party” to emerge and be a strong player.

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