Friday, September 17, 2010

Onorato: Corbett Wants it Both Ways

Republican Tom Corbett has built his Pennsylvania gubernatorial campaign around cutting government spending but Democratic opponent Dan Onorato points out Corbett has requested more money for the Office of the Attorney General in recent years.
Corbett’s latest commercial lays out his lower spending philosophy...instead of raising taxes, cut wasteful spending.
But Corbett fought against a proposed one percent reduction to his office’s budget this winter and has asked for spending hikes during every budget season. He told a State Senate committee how budget cuts would hurt Office of the Attorney General efforts.

"I could see, without scaring everyone in my office, I could see that the effort on diversion might be reduced so we could focus more on the violent street gangs that are dealing drugs."

Onorato says Republican Tom Corbett wants it both ways, when it comes to government spending. Corbett has pointed out his office brings in nearly as much money as it spends, through lawsuit victories and other legal actions.
Onorato rejects the argument.

"The last time I checked the Attorney General, the Recorder of Deeds, the Register of Wills – they’re elected by the taxpayers to do their job. And any money they bring in from any source is the taxpayer’s money. So if he’s doing his job, I’m glad to hear that. But don’t say you’re bringing in private money to run your office. You’re doing your job."

Corbett’s spokesman says this year’s budget request was based on union-mandated salary increases out of the Attorney General’s control. The office’s funding was ultimately cut by two million dollars, after an eight percent cut in last year’s budget.

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