Wednesday, December 15, 2010

House Could Vote Today or Tomorrow on Compromise

On an 81-19 vote, the U.S. Senate this afternoon approved compromise legislation to extends the Bush tax cuts and federal jobless benefits. Now the measure goes to the House for consideration
Pittsburgh area Congressman Tim Murphy (R- PA18), says he's leaning towards voting "yes". He says that there is a lot in the bill that he doesn't agree with; like tax credits for motor sports arenas, Virgin Island Rum, and Ethanol. But he believes that the compromise is important to aid the economy.

Murphy says he doesn't like the position that voting on jobless benefits has put him and his colleagues in. He believes some unemployed are taking advantage of the benefits, which aren't much less than their paychecks. But Murphy added there are others who really need the money, and this legislation creates a Catch 22 for elected officials.

He also says that Democrats in the House who want to eliminate the estate tax exemption do not clearly understand small business owners. "They're holding onto their money and not making the investments (they should), because they're expecting to take a big hit. Again that's not a big hit on a tax when they die but that's a big hit on what they have to invest in over the next several years on those elements on insurance and other fees in anticipation of holding/staving off this tax that would otherwise destroy their business."

Murphy says that through his polling and what he's heard from his constituents, people understand that the bill is a compromise and want it to pass.

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