Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wagner: Keep Turnpike Toll Notifications

Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner says the Turnpike Commission’s plan to stop printing toll amounts on tickets should be reversed.

Wagner says because tolls will increase 10% on January 1, removing the prices from the tickets on January 2 is dishonest to the public.

Wagner says drivers also wouldn’t know if a tollbooth operator was charging them too much or too little for their trip, and tollbooth transactions would take longer and increase Turnpike congestion. He adds that the tickets themselves would still need to be printed, so tollbooth operators know how much to charge.

The Auditor General wrote to the Turnpike Commission, saying the $100,000 it can save each year is not enough to justify the confusion and lack of transparency caused by omitting the prices.

However, Wagner says he received an “encouraging” email from the Commission saying it would probably nix the plan to stop printing prices. He says he is still waiting for a formal reply.

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