Monday, December 27, 2010

Rep. Murphy Interested In Maintaining Bipartisan Talks

Pittsburgh area Congressman Tim Murphy, recently elected for his fifth two-year term hopes that bipartisan compromise will continue in future negotiations between the Republican House and the Democrat Senate and White House.

The health care bill is an issue that remains for the House Republicans who took majority control after the mid-term elections Nov. 2. Murphy believes the bill which he says was forced through Congress still has serious flaws that may need to be reviewed.

“I do not see it as a bill that fundamentally reforms health care and reduces costs but one that massively expands the cost and requires everybody to pay for it,” Murphy says. “I don’t like the idea of having a mandate. To require people to buy something but give them no choices in purchasing is not good.”

He doesn't believe citizens, if they are required to have insurance, should be restricted to the options within their state.
Murphy predicts the GOP-controlled House will vote to repeal the health care bill, but it will surely fail in the Senate and be rejected by the President. Murphy says the idea is to get it on the record to show that the American public is not satisfied with the current law as it was put together. He does expect more bipartisan efforts in Congress and with the President to ensure that health care for seniors becomes an issue that can be made better.

“It’s something that Democrats and Republicans can come together on and look and say, ‘How do we improve this system that otherwise is just bleeding money and not taking better care of patients?’” Murphy says.

To Murphy, bipartisan efforts in Congress and with the President are the only solution to these issues.

“I believe if we listen to what the American people are saying, ‘Roll up your sleeves, work together and get the job done,’ then my hope is the President will continue to work with us,” Murphy says.

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