Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SADD Warns Against Holiday Drunk Driving

The Pennsylvania chief of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) says parents should take steps to prevent their teenage children from driving drunk over the holidays.

State SADD Coordinator Felicity Debacco-Ernie says teens are often exposed to alcohol at holiday parties, increasing their chances of consuming booze before getting on the roadways.

Debacco-Ernie says parents should talk to their teenage children about drunk driving during the holidays.

“Especially when they become teenagers, let them know that there are laws out there that are there to protect young people who are under 21,” says Debacco-Ernie, “but also that teens can call their parents as a resort if they find themselves in a situation where they need somebody who is not impaired to drive them home.”

According to the Allegheny County Health Department, drug- or alcohol-impaired driving causes more Pennsylvania teen deaths than all other causes combined.

Debacco-Ernie says if a family is going to a holiday party with alcohol, there should be a designated driver.

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