Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pgh Tech Council Will Do Business in China

The Pittsburgh Technology Council plans to lead a business mission to China in May of 2011.

Technology Council President Audrey Russo says the group will probably be only about 15 people, so the Council can focus on forging relationships between specific businesses.

Russo says given the United States’ current investment levels in technology companies and China’s position in the world economy, now is a great time to visit the country on a business mission.

But Russo says China isn’t the only place of interest for the Technology Council...

"We've talked about India. We've been approached about doing business in South Africa. We get a lot of people with interests in the Middle East. We have the Middle East Institute here that has helped in establishing relationships in Amman, Abu Dhabi, places like that. This is really our first attempt to sort of get on the ground."

The PTC President says after the 2009 G20 Summit and Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s October 2010 visit to China, Pittsburgh is beginning to capitalize on the global exposure it’s received.

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