Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jobs In The Region

The Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board released their labor market information comparing data from this past October to October of last year.

Non-farm jobs grew by 4,500, mostly in the sectors of health care, retail, administrative, and computer operations. There was a slight decrease in the construction sector. Although it was higher than last year, it was a decline from recent months.

"The growth between August and September was about 10,000 new jobs so in comparing to that 4,500 new jobs between September and October seems slower," said
Vera Krekanova, Research Manager at the organization.

She added that there are about 45,000 online job postings in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area. Although they take into account eight counties, the majority of those jobs are in Allegheny County and within that, most are in the city of Pittsburgh.

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