Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Molly's Trolley's Sale Feels Just Ducky

After Molly’s Trolleys announced in October that their trolley tour company will be shutting down it’s Pittsburgh operations, Just Ducky Tours has stepped in to purchase and carry on the 15-year-old business.

Business owner Molly Stahlman, who started Molly’s Trolleys as a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon, made the decision to focus solely on her West Palm Beach fleet of trolleys, which can operate year round. As Stahlman left behind a successful wedding and tour business, Just Ducky Tours took the chance to purchase the staple of Pittsburgh transportation.

“I’ve been working with them elbow to elbow the past two days and I can ensure you that these people know what they’re doing and I feel the quality and service level will be maintained,” Stahlman says. “It broke my heart, but it just got to the point where it was too hard to run two different businesses in two different cities.”

After the business deal, Molly’s Trolleys will keep its name and services but Michael Cohen and Chris D’Addario, owners of Just Ducky Tours, hope to help improve the growth of the brand by having five or six trolleys running by this summer. The current business, which will remain largely unchanged, provides tours and transportation for weddings, conventions, and corporate events in 1920’s style wood-furnished trolleys.

Forty-five percent of Molly’s Trolleys business is wedding-related, and Pittsburgh will be thankful to see that aspect stay. Stahlman says she’s been busy letting brides know that the service will continue next year.

“We’ve had a lot of inquires the past three months and we had to tell them we’re not running,” Stahlman says. “But that’s what I’m doing all day today, we kept all those e-mails and we’re e-mailing them to let them know we are in business and to call us.”

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