Friday, January 7, 2011

Growing Greener Grants Hit the Street

Pennsylvania Growing Greener grants funded by the federal government are headed out across the state this week and some of the checks are landing in the Pittsburgh region. Among the groups getting funding is the Pennsylvania Environmental Council. Jen Novak, Program Associate for the Pennsylvania Environmental Council says that the grant they received from the EPA is going to an 18 month project at the Shaler Municipal building. However, there are still some questions to be answered. She says the intention of the EPA is still not clear. Novak explains, “The proposal that we sent to the EPA was to create a green roof and a rain garden at the Shaler Municipal building. The grant that we received was not the entire amount of our application, so we need to discuss with the EPA the intentions of the grant.” Kevin Cray, Shaler Township Engineer says they were originally asking for $186,000 and of that $148,00 was for construction, but they only received $39,180. Cray says, "Originally we were going to do both a green roof on our Municipal building and a rain garden as a demonstration project in our front yard. Most likely what we'll do is just complete the rain garden portion." Cray says the goal of the rain garden is to better the water ways and allow residents and other townships to possible mimic their project.

Also receiving grants in the region:

Etna Borough picked up $369,900 for a "Green Streetscape Project."

Clearfield Creek Watershed Association was awarded two grants totaling $450,000 for Abandon Mine Drainage projects.

Westmoreland County Conservation District was granted $97,590 for storm water retrofits.

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy grabbed $216,000 for watershed protection and restoration of Hypocrite Creek.

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