Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Turnpike Commission Implements Reduced Speed Limit

High winds and drifting snow along the western part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike are leading to hazardous traveling conditions. As a result, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has implemented a reduced speed limit of 45 mph on an 86 mile stretch of the turnpike from Exit 75 (New Stanton interchange) to Exit 161 (Breezewood Interchange).

The Commission has also restricted tractor-trailer traffic to the right lane, which is expected to reduce risk of jack-knifing or rolling over during wind gusts.

Turnpike snow removal teams are plowing and salting in the region, but drifting snow is partially covering parts of the turnpike. If conditions worsen the Commission might implement a ban on empty, box and double tractor-trailers later today.

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