Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Casey, Rendell to Address Convention

The spotlight this evening at the Democratic National Convention will focus on Senator Hillary Clinton but 2 of Pennsylvania's superdelegates will address their colleagues. U.S. Senator Bob Casey Junior, whose father, the late Governor Bob Casey Senior, was banned from speaking at the 1992 Convention because he was pro-life, says people on both sides of the abortion issue can find common ground in Barack Obama's candidacy. He says both sides want to reduce the number of abortions.
Governor Ed Rendell, who was likely Senator Hillary Clinton's strongest supporter in Pennsylvania, says he's still a little disappointed that she is not the nominee but he will work to get voters in the state on board with Obama by doing more personal visits. He says he's convinced Senator Clinton will throw her full support behind Senator Obama.
Delegate Valerie McDonald Roberts, Allegheny County's Manager of Real Estate, is pledge to Obama, but says Clinton will play a large role in bringing the Democrats together.
Washington County Commissioner Bracken Burns is attending his second Democratic Convention. Burns supported Clinton in the Primary but he also likes Obama. He's worried that some Pennsylvanians will not vote for Obama because "he looks different." Burns says he's "disappointed by that, embarrassed by that but not naive enough not to have noticed it."

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