Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I-80 Could Have Cashless Toll System

The Turnpike Commission wishes to use an all electronic system for I-80 instead of imitating the Turnpike's ticket and cash system. Gentries will be placed in nine locations through the state; those locations are to be selected this fall.

Project Manager Barry Schoch says the cashless system will be the future of toll collection. He says short-distance drivers are encouraged to use an E-Z Pass Incentive program, and long-distance travelers will be targeted. The incentive program will be offered to drivers who wish to waive a tolling fee. Schoch says E-Z Pass is the most inexpensive way to travel on I-80, because most drivers only use the route for a short distance. He estimates that 70 percent of local E-Z Pass users will never be tolled.

The Federal Government must approve for the Commission to toll I-80.

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