Friday, August 8, 2008

Citizens Against Raising Taxes on Property (C.A.R.T.O.P.) analyze F.A.C.T.

A newly formed group wants to inform Allegheny County voters that there will be consequences to vote for the referendum on lowering the drink tax.

The people of Citizens Against Raising Taxes on Property, or CARTOP, believe that the question is incomplete and unfair to voters.

Shawn Flaherty of Flaherty Fardo says county property taxes are at their limit, but the drink tax lets a different group of people support the county.

Instead of property owners being burdened with additional tax, he asks if people who are willingly buying a drink to be willing to pay a little extra.

Flaherty says the other option to supplement lowered drink taxes would be to cut the county budget.

He speaks against FACT, who brought enough petition signatures to put a referendum question on November's election ballot to lower the drinking tax to 0.5%.

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