Friday, August 8, 2008

SEA Approves Hill Community Benefits Agreement

The Sports and Exhibition Authority has signed off on a Community Benefits Agreement for the Hill District. One Hill Coalition Chairman Carl Redwood says that’s an important step, but the agreement still requires signatures from the other parties involved: the city of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and the Penguins. Redwood says he anticipates all of them will all sign the CBA by next Thursday. That’s when crews are scheduled to break ground on the new Penguins arena.

A ceremonial signing had already been scheduled for August 19th when the groundbreaking ceremony was set for five days earlier. Redwood says One Hill has always required that the CBA be signed before construction begins. The Coalition will meet this weekend to discuss a possible protest if all parties do not sign the CBA before Thursday. Still, Redwood says he anticipates a protest won’t be necessary.

One Hill’s work will continue beyond the signing. Redwood says the next step will be implementing the agreement, including making sure that Hill residents get the first opportunity to apply for jobs at the arena, and monitoring the progress of a grocery store development.

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