Saturday, August 16, 2008

Specter says GOP Has to Win Back PA Voters

Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Arlen Specter says his party has to win back voters who switched their political affiliation from Republican to Democratic in order to participate in the April contest between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama.
Specter says he'll need those centrist constituents when he runs for re-election in 20-10. He says Pennsylvania's national political value also relies on a good mix of voters.

"If Pennsylvania becomes an all blue state like New York, no one will pay attention to Pennsylvania in the campaigning, but I think that it's in the interest of the state to have that party balance. So we are working hard to have people come back to the party."

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain was in Pennsylvania campaigning with former Governor Tom Ridge. Specter says legislative and executive experience make Ridge a solid choice for vice president.

"So there's a lot to recommend Tom Ridge, but I've know Senator McCain a long time, he makes up his own mind. Senator McCain is known for the unexpected, I wouldn't venture any speculation, too unpredictable."

Ridge says the subject of being on the ticket with McCain did not come up in a dinner with McCain and his wife.

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