Thursday, August 14, 2008

State Releases PSSA Results

Pennsylvania's Department of Education released the state's PSSA exam results and the number of students on grade level has increased but there are still many challenges facing the state. Some notable positives include the narrowing of the achievement gap for African American students by 26%, Latino students by 20% and low income students by 23%.

The news was not all good, the states high schools are facing a critical time, 2 out of every 5 students in the state high schools are below grade level and at the current pace the students would not reach the 2014 goal of 100% for 40 years. Education Secretary Gerald Zahorchak says the focus now needs to be on high school performance.

92% of the states school districts meet AYP targets and 72% of schools met their targets. Locally 4 Allegheny County School Districts did not meet AYP standards they are, Pittsburgh, Duquesne, Sto-rox, and Woodland Hills. Pittsburgh and Duquesne are in the most serious category, corrective action 2 for the second year and Woodland Hills is in corrective action 2 for the first year. Sto-rox is in the warning category.

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