Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Local Vodka Maker Hits stores

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board stores are adding “Boyd and Blair” vodka to their shelves this week. The spirit is distilled in the old Glenshaw glass plant on RT. 8 using Pennsylvania grown potatoes. Only 4 distillery licenses have been issued by the PLCB. One is for a small gin label in Philadelphia and the other two are for large corporations that happen to be located in PA. Making the drink even more unusual is the fact that there are only two other commercial potato vodka makers in the US. One is in Idaho and the other is in Maine. The company received a state grant to test the idea of making small-batch, high-end vodka out of Pennsylvania potatoes. The company has sent 300 cases of vodka to the PLCB and has produced almost 900 cases this year. The still is capable of making about 20 thousand cases a year.

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