Friday, February 12, 2010

PA GOP To Endorse This Weekend

The Republican State Committee meets this weekend in Harrisburg to endorse candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and U.S. Senate.
In the governor’s race, Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett is expected to easily win the party’s official backing.
Political Scientist Christopher Borick of Muhlenberg College doesn’t think that would give Corbett’s campaign any additional momentum, though, since opponent Sam Rohrer, a Berks County representative, his branding himself as an outsider candidate.

"If he is to really get something going and pose a real challenge to Tom Corbett, it’s going to be from an outsider perspective. It’s going to be from the activists, the conservative voters in the state that align with him, and individuals who really are energized by the tea party movement to come out and mobilize for him."

Corbett holds a wide lead over Rohrer in most polls. Rohrer is holding a rival event during Saturday’s state committee meeting. It’s billed as a grassroots rally, and will feature a video endorsement from Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and an appearance from Joe the Plumber, who gained fame campaigning for the Republican presidential ticket in 2008.
The GOP meeting comes a week after Democrats failed to endorse a candidate for governor. Auditor General Jack Wagner won more than fifty percent of the vote at the party meeting, but needed a two-thirds majority to win the endorsement.

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