Friday, February 12, 2010

Port Authority Previews Route Changes

The Port Authority is debuting changes to its routes at noon Friday. They will provide detailed information including maps and new schedules that will begin on April 4. The Port Authority makes small changes every three months. These are bigger changes that spokesman Jim Ritchie says will make bus service more efficient.

The changes come after years of public meetings and hearings and the prospective changes placed on the site.

The changes will affect about a third of the authority's bus and trolley routes and a quarter of its riders. About 60 routes will be affected. The changes will occur in small steps over two years.

The website is one component. Port Authority will also be distributing brochures and new schedules and having workers visit heavily used stops to talk about the schedule. The website is the main driving tool.

The changes are on the Port Authority's website.

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