Monday, February 8, 2010

PennDOT Prepares for Next Storm

While municipal, city, county and state road crews continue to deal with 21 inches of snow over over the weekend, PennDOT is gearing up for the next storm that is scheduled to hit the Pittsburgh region tomorrow. That could mean another 4 to 10 inches of snow by Wednesday afternoon.
Spokesman Jim Struzzi says in the meantime crews are trying to make room for the new snow by pushing the weekend snow off the roadways as far as possible and clearing the shoulders.
Struzzi says they're using heavy equipment on some roadways including a bad stretch of Interstate 79 between Bridgeville and Carnegie to break up the "craters" of compacted ice and snow.
Struzzi says they're also making repairs to equipment because the "heavy snow took a toll on plows and trucks."
The PennDOT spokesman says that the Parkway North (I-279) H-O-V lanes will remain closed till further notice because they want to concentrate on the regular roads.

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