Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Race for Murtha Seat Less Cloudy

The widow of Congressman John Murtha says she will not try to step into her husband’s shoes. Joyce Murtha says she will not run in the race to fill his unexpired term. John Murtha died February 8th from complications following gallbladder surgery. He was 77. Among those who have said they are interested is former Lt. Gov. Mark Singel. Also running is former Pennsylvanian Treasurer Barbara Hafer and Cambria County Controller Mark Singel. The governor has chosen May 18th. Tat is also Pennsylvania’s primary day. That means there will be two elections involving Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district on primary day, one to fill the unexpired term and a vote among democrats and republicans to choose a party nominee to run for a full term in November. The parties get to choose a candidate for the unexpired term. It is unclear when Democrats will choose that but Republicans say they will meet March 11 in Latrobe to choose their candidate. The party says anyone wanting to run will be given a chance to address the conference before members take a vote.

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