Monday, February 8, 2010

Specter Easily Wins Endorsement

Pennsylvania's senior U.S. Senator Arlen Specter won the Democratic Party’s official endorsement of his re-election bid this weekend.
The night before the vote, he and Congressman Joe Sestak tangled in a heated debate.
During the first half of his debate with Congressman Joe Sestak, Specter ignored his opponent and focused on his own record.
But halfway through the session, Specter went on offense, calling a Sestak answer “rambling.”
During his closing statement, the Republican-turned-Democrat challenged Sestak’s voting record...
"I’m going to ask him to explain why he has the worst voting record of anybody in the Pennsylvania delegation, and 9th-worst…in Congress. I’m going to ask him, if he was AWOL in the Navy if he wouldn’t have been court-martialed?"

Sestak was aggressive, too. Talking about the economic stimulus package, Sestak said Specter’s GOP votes helped cause the recession.

"We never should have had such a bill. He brought a fire hose to the fire that he, voting 2,000 times with George Bush on the economic and tax policies that gave us this recession, actually drove this state aground. "
Again and again, he hammered Specter for votes he cast as a Republican, saying the incumbent voted “with President Bush more than two thousand times.”
Party officials voted 229-76 to endorse Specter in May’s primary.

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