Monday, May 3, 2010

Police Investigate Bomb Scare Near Marathon

A microwave oven left on the sidewalk near the finish line of the Pittsburgh Marathon brought in police and the bomb squad. What was reported as a "suspicious" device was discovered around 7:30 yesterday morning on the sidewalk between Liberty and Penn Avenues. Police exercised caution amid the bomb scare in New York City's Times Square a day earlier.
Pittsburgh Police Lieutenant Kevin Kraus says the surrounding area was evacuated and authorities tried to re-route the race but eventually ended up delaying it in the area for 10 to 12 minutes. Kraus says they X-rayed the microwave and found "suspicious contents." A robot was used to disable "the device." But Kraus says they now don't believe there were any explosive materials inside the microwave.
The all-clear sign was given shortly before 11 a.m. Police say they will check surveillance cameras in an effort to find out who left the microwave on the sidewalk.

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