Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Casey Pushes for Release Of Montgomery County Man

Democratic Senator Bob Casey is back in Washington, DC, after a five-country tour of the Middle East.
Casey visited Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Israel and Lebanon with other members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
He says he spent a lot of time pressing for the release of three young Americans who have been detained by Iran for the past year.

"We have to just keep trying and keep pushing and keep bringing attention to this, so that the pressure doesn’t start to wane on the Iranians for their outrageous act arresting and imprisoning three Americans who are totally innocent."

One of the hikers, Josh Fattal, is from Montgomery County.
Casey says the three Americans who were detained while hiking in the mountains along the Iran-Afghanistan border and need to be released.
Casey was in Baghdad over the Fourth of July holiday, when Vice President Joe Biden visited the capital to talk to top Iraqi officials.

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