Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Family-Friendly" Hampton

Hampton Township in Pittsburgh's North Hills is ranked number 2 in the nation in Family Circle Magazine's annual "Top 10 Towns for Families." The magazine considers municipalities with populations between 15,000 and 150,000 with high concentrations of households with children and an average income of $75,000. Other criteria include affordable housing, quality of schools, low crime rates, recreation and green space.
Hampton's Municipal Manager Christopher Lochner says the designation is an honor and privilege...."Quality of life issues for Hampton has always been a goal of the township's council and the school district as well. So to be recognized for that purpose is fantastic. Most importantly what makes it really an honor is that it's our residents who are doing it."

The magazine interviews residents to get their assessments of their towns. School District Superintendent John Hoover says of the top 10 family-friendly towns, Hampton has the highest-rated schools..."There's been some research recently to suggest the size of the school district we have is probably close to idea. We have about 3,100 students. So, we're large enough so we can offer a variety of courses and opportunities for the students, but we're small enough that educational services can be very much personalized."

Lochner says they will use this designation as a marketing tool and cooperate with realtors who are working with families who are transferring into the Pittsburgh region.
By the way, number 1 on the magazine's list of family-friendly towns...Edmond, Oklahoma. After Hampton, it's Edwardsville, Illinois; Windsor, Colorado and number 5 is La Verne, California.

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